In a story being reported on The Economic Times in India, the Competition Commission of India is claiming Google is giving favortism to it’s own web properties over it’s competitors.

Based on the responses from 30 businesses spanning search, social networks, ecommerce, travel and content sites, the CCI director-general last week filed a report that accuses Google of abusing its dominant position to rig search outcomes, both the actual search result as well as sponsored links. 

Google has responded saying other countries around the world including the US have investigated this claim previously and found no evidence to corroberate the claims.
Google has until September 10th to respond to the complaints. They are also required to “present themselves to a seven memeber commision. They are looking into whether or not Google violated anti-trust laws.

If the commission finds Google guilty, it can ask the company to make changes in the way it does business.

CCI may also impose a fine up to 10% of Google’s income. The CCI could also pursue against top Google executives. Google posted a net income of more than $14 billion on revenue of $66 billion in 2014.