Study: 55 Percent Of Mobile-Search Driven Conversions Happen In One Hour Or Less

Large numbers of people believe that the majority of mobile search activity happens “on the go.” However, according to an extensive new study from Google and Nielsen, the overwhelming majority (77 percent) of mobile search happens at home or work — even when there’s a PC nearby and readily available.

These people are choosing to search on their smartphones rather than PCs because of speed and convenience. And most of these users take some sort of near-immediate, follow-up action. In fact, the study found, 55 percent of mobile-search influenced conversions take place within one hour.

This finding closely mirrors a now-famous statistic published by Microsoft in 2010: 70 percent of mobile search activity begins and ends – in other words, a decision is made or the objective achieved – within one hour.


Mobile search conversions

The new Google-Nielsen study, which focused only on smartphones, offers extensive insights into mobile search behavior and generally goes deeper than most of the research that predates it. It serves to provide additional nuance and color to what we already know about mobile user behavior. However, the “big takeaway” is that mobile is perhaps the most critical channel for search marketers.

The study was conducted in Q4 2012 and involved a mix of methodologies. They included user diaries, search query logging and online follow-up surveys. Here’s how Google describes the study methodology in its blog post:

We asked participants to log their mobile searches over two weeks in a diary smartphone app — logging more than 6,000 mobile searches in total. We followed up to ask them what actions resulted from those searches, helping us draw more precise, measurable connections between mobile searches and the conversions that they drive online and offline.

There’s a great deal of data in the report. Below are some of the high-level findings:

  • 73 percent of mobile searches trigger follow-up actions
  • 63 percent of mobile search-triggered actions occur within 1 hour of the initial search
  • 45 percent of mobile searches “are conducted to help make a decision” (in a store, that number goes up to 66 percent)
  • 28 percent of mobile searches result in conversions

Mobile search offline action