According to and reported by the Independent UK Google and related sites like YouTube, Google Drive, Gmail, etc. have been experiencing network outages. A review of the outage ma shows tier 1 metros such as Los Angeles, New York, San Fransisco that seem to be most affected. Second and third tier metros such as Charlotte, NC do not appear to be nearly as affected.on the map below

On the map shown below are the main Google Data Centers across the US

Google US Data Centers


According to Google here are links to the various Data centers in the US. Google relies on their distributed data centers to power their Search Engine and other products like Drive, and Gmail.


The question many are asking is why and what does this mean? One reason for concern is that Google operates by redundancies. If this is affecting all over, does this become a national security risk? In light of the latest hack where 140 million people had their credit information exposed as well as today’s political climate, these are stories to pay close attention to for the near future.