Our Services

CTC local takes a comprehensive approach to internet marketing. While we offer a range of internet marketing services, each business will have a plan that is custom tailored to your individual needs.  The secret to success online is a simple to part solution. 1. High quality website 2. Highly targeted traffic.  Experience has proven that these are two sides of the same coin. The better you do with each side of this strategy, the better your results.

Website Design

Your website is a critical component to not just getting found online, but turning targeted traffic into new business. CTC local builds Search Engine Optimized sites that are designed to make it easier for search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing to find you and rank your business. Our sites are also designed to build your brand and more importantly convert those visitors into buyers.

Search Engine Optimization

Buyers rarely do business with companies that are not positioned on the first page. However, getting to page 1 on Google can be an uphill battle when all your competitors are trying to do the same. CTC local uses a unique process that let’s your website draft behind the success of your leading competitors. We uncover use their best online strategy to push you past their position, where we then use the strategy of competitors above them. We literally ladder step you to the top using the most fair and ethical practices.

Local SEO

You may not realize this, but getting high positioning on the local map results is completely separate from the natural results, however, it is just as important. CTC local makes sure people looking for your services locally will be able to find you online.

Paid Search (PPC)

Paid search offers clients an immediate solution for getting your business at the top of targeted search results. 30 Р40 % of all online buyers rely on paid search marketing when they are at the point of purchase and looking for an enticing offer that speaks to their needs. CTC local uses a time tested approach to identify terms buyer use most when making those decisions. This is a great solution for using your own terms as well as testing new terms to improve lead flow. We also offer a unique way to control you click spending to make sure you never exceed your budget.  Offering the flexibility to pay ONLY for those online buyers that want more information about your offers is another way we insure your money is targeted and used in the most optimal way.

Online Tracking

No advertising campaign should go without a way to track results and ROI. After all, why spend money when and where it’s not working? CTC local provides monthly performance results that we use to improve the success of your campaig

About Us

CTC Local is an innovative end-to-end internet marketing company. We are made up of Internet Marketing Professionals who have a proven ability of generating a return on investment for their clients. We offer a unique approach when speaking to existing and perspective clients. We are successful because we never offer a cookie cutter solution. Success online happens when a solution is tailored to fit YOUR business not your business category.