If you are not in the know, quietly through September and leading up to the “event-horizion” on October 4th, Google just fundamentally re-wrote the book (or brain actually) on how you will begin to find things online.

If you are a current client, chances are you already received an email from us (this weekend) about this change, what it means to you specifically, how it will effect you over the next 6 months.

If you have not been contracted yet, do not be concerned. We’ve already begun taking action. We believe (and are already seeing results) that by being proactive and an early adopter to these changes, the competitive edge will continue to widen.

If you are not a current client and you would like to know what this will  mean to your business, feel free to contact us. Chances are if you have an internet marketing company working on your behalf, they do not know or do not understand much more than the name of this latest change. Do not be fooled by their ignorance and let them downplay the significance on this change.

A new paradigm of online search has begun. Don’t get left holding the last buggy whip wondering where your customers went.